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If you’re ready to spring into 2024 with a fresh look at your lab equipment then we hope you’ll review our current offers – we have a wide range of laboratory equipment to suit your needs.

Valid until the end of June 2024, this new range of offers includes a massive 25% off an additional wavelength module for the LightSyn Lighthouse and LightSyn Illumin8 photoreactors, 20% off the NEW DrySyn® Prodigy single position oil-free heating block kits, FREE DrySyn® Uno Base with any of the DrySyn® OCTO Kits, plus a FREE accessory kit with the compact but mighty Quadracell pressure reactor.

We’ve also included a couple of great rotary evaporators in our new special offers; the IKA RV 3 V-C and the IKA RV 8 V-C.  These are both great workhorses for the lab, and come with 4 litre basins and vertical, coated glassware.

You can also get in touch to discuss bulk discounts available on the NEW Asynt Complete Hotplate Stirrer Package, and talk through the benefits of consignment orders for Deutero NMR Tubes!

Find further details of all our current offers on the “Specification” tab or download the PDF flyer here:

Q2 2024 Current offers from Asynt for your laboratory

If you’d like to discuss any of these offers and how they may suit your chemistry then please do contact us!

With a wide range of apparatus always available at the best possible price.

Current offers include:

  • ASY-Q1-24-001
    LightSyn Illumin8 and LightSyn Lighthouse
    Get 25% off an additional wavelength module when purchased with a complete kit
    Find out more about LightSyn Illumin8
    Find out more about LightSyn Lighthouse 
  • ASY-Q1-24-002
    DrySyn Prodigy
    Save 20% off all DrySyn Prodigy kits – the perfect oil-free heating block platform for round bottom flasks up to 500 mL.
    Find out more
  • ASY-Q1-24-003
    DrySyn OCTO Reaction Station
    Get a FREE DrySyn UNO Base with any DrySyn OCTO Kit.
    Find out more
  • ASY-Q1-24-004
    Quadracell 4-position lab pressure reactor
    Get a FREE accessories kit with this popular reactor
    Find out more
  • ASY-Q1-24-005
    NEW Asynt Complete Hotplate Stirrer Package
    Talk to us about bulk discounts on this laboratory workhorse!
    Find out more
  • ASY-Q1-24-006
    Deutero NMR Tubes – consignment ordering
    Get the best prices and confidence in supply with these high quality, low cost NMR tubes.
    Find out more
  • ASY-Q1-24-007
    IKA RV 3 V-C and IKA RV 8 V-C
    10% off either rotary evaporator – entry-level (RV3) or manual (RV8) models.
    Find out more
All prices subject to carriage and tax as applicable.


Brilliant bargains for the laboratory from Asynt - get in touch with us now to discuss your needs or to request a quotation! Our current offers are valid to 30th June 2024.

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