Single Position High Pressure Reactors

We offer a range of single position high pressure reactors, from simple small scale benchtop reactors to pilot scale systems.  Choose from our handy range of standard specification single cell pressure reactors, or customise your options and choose a bespoke pressure system designed for your individual chemistry requirements.

The Asynt single position high pressure reactors range includes the unique ultra-safe, PressureSyn, which features the novel locking system designed to prevent opening whilst any residual pressure remains in the system.  Designed in partnership with Nottingham University, UK, this system has proven popular in laboratories all around the world.

There is huge scope for customisation of any of our pressure reactor systems with different construction materials, pressure and temperature ratings, alternative accessories – so your pressure reactor can be tailored to the chemical resistance, pressure and temperature your reaction requires.  Talk to our chemists today to discuss your needs!

  • PressureSyn – High safety reactor

    Fast & simple to set-up, ultra-safe to use

  • PressureSyn reaction vial insert

    PressureSyn Reaction Vial Insert

    Converts PressureSyn to a 6 position parallel reactor

  • Asynt single cell high pressure reactors

    High pressure single reactors

    Compact bench top reactors

  • Bespoke single cell high pressure reactor from Asynt - lab pressure experts

    Custom High Pressure Reactors

    Single reactors from 5 ml to 50 litres +

  • pressure reactor adapter base plate

    DrySyn Pressure Reactor Adaptor

    Secure positioning of benchtop reactors

  • Plant Scale Pressure Reactors

    Plant scale pressure reactors

    Flexible design pressure reactors to suit your requirements