Chillers offer an ideal solution for environmentally friendly and economical cooling of lab equipment such as rotary evaporators or the DrySyn SnowStorm at sub-ambient temperatures. Most chillers offer a “set and forget” user interface for easy operation.

  • Grant LT EcoCool Laboratory Chiller Series from Asynt

    Grant LT EcoCool Series

    Industry leading 4 year warranty

  • Julabo F series from Asynt

    Julabo F-Series

    Small footprint and small upfront costs!

  • The Julabo FC series from Asynt

    Julabo FC-Series

    Choose air-cooled or water-cooled

  • Julabo FL-Series

    New generation of chillers for routine cooling applications

  • The Julabo SC Series from Asynt

    Julabo SC-Series

    Powerful tool for high level requirements

  • LAUDA Microcool recirculating cooler

    LAUDA Microcool Recirculating Cooler

    Continuous operation from -10 to 40 °C.