Julabo FC-Series

The JULABO FC recirculating coolers impress with their compact design that makes setup under a lab bench possible.

The bright MULTI-DISPLAY (LED) is easy to read even at a distance and provides all the important information about actual and setpoint values.

The automatic self-test at switch on, sensor operation monitoring, pump and compressor protection and a full unit shut-off in case of alarm provide more safety.

High/low temperature warning features also ensure optimal protection, as does the freeze and dry running protection.

For your application these advantages mean a consistent working temperature, uniform pressure in the circulating pump and no contamination in the cooling circuit.

  • Common features of the range:
    • RS232 interface for PC connection
    • Adjustable ratio for feed/return temperatures
    • Easy filling system located at the front
    • Bright MULTI-DISPLAY (LED)
    • Upper and lower temperature warning functions with interval tone
    • Integrated freezing protection and dry-running protection
    • Rapid and easy operation via seamless, splash-proof keypad
    • Liquid level indication on the front
    • Self-test, reciprocal sensor monitoring, pump motor and compressor overload protection
    • Complete shut-down with audible signal in case of an alarm
    • ATC function for simple correction of temperature variations
    • High temperature stability
    • Integrated heater with 1.2 kW capacity
    • Ergonomic design and easy operation
    • Optical filling level indicator
    • Removable venting grid for simplified removal of dust
    • Connections for external Pt100 sensor

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