LAUDA Microcool Recirculating Cooler

The LAUDA Microcool recirculating cooler is designed for reliable, continuous operation in laboratory and research applications from -10 to 40 °C.

This compact recirculating cooler strikes a fabulous balance between price and performance; The easy-to-operate Microcool circulating chiller line includes four compact models with large LED display and membrane keyboard and offers cooling output from 0.25 to 1.2 kW.

The highlight of these devices is the premium quality block pump with magnetic coupling – unique to this price category: Magnetic coupling of pump and electric motor prevents any kind of seal issue from arising on the pump shaft.

The LAUDA Microcool devices feature an RS-232 interface and alarm contact as standard equipment.

Key benefits:

  • Auto-start timer and auto shutdown function
  • Filling opening at the top, drain connection at the rear
  • Cooling output adapted via solenoid valve control, including automatic compressor control

Product Min. working temp Max. working temp Max. discharge pressure 50 Hz Cooling output at 20 °C 50 Hz
Microcool MC 250 -10 °C 40 °C 0.35 bar 0.25 kW
Microcool MC 350 -10 °C 40 °C 0.35 bar 0.35 kW
Microcool MC 600 -10 °C 40 °C 1.3 bar 0.6 kW
Microcool MC 1200 -10 °C 40 °C 1.3 bar 1.2 kW

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