Asynt offer a range of laboratory balances to suit all your needs, including precision and analytical balances. Please contact us if you have any specific requirements that aren’t met by the balances shown as these are only a small sample of the range available.

You can see a few details of the breadth of the range available in this short PDF flyer: Asynt – Analytical & Precision Balances

  • Anti-vibration table

    Anti-vibration table

    Ergonomically styled and built to last

  • Adam Compact CB balances from Asynt

    CB Compact Balances

    Perfect for teaching labs at all levels

  • Equinox Analytical & Semi-Micro Balances

    Delivering remarkable precision

  • Adam Equipment Luna Precision Balances from Asynt

    Luna Precision Balances

    With rugged durability to withstand lab life

  • Nimbus Precision Balances

    Readabilities ranging from 0.1mg to 0.1g

  • PMB Moisture Analyser

    Speed, performance and value!

  • Solis analytical balance 5dp readability

    Solis Analytical Balances

    Superb performance & simple operation for demanding laboratories

  • Solis balance

    Solis Precision Balances

    High resolution graphic display & intuitive features