Scientific Glassware

We offer a huge range of scientific glassware, including bespoke glass jacketed reactions vessels, condensers, Schlenk lines, luer adapters, vacuum filtration funnels, gas bubblers and more.

In addition, our expert scientific glass blowers can often modify your existing glassware to suit your current requirements and repair your favourites after being damaged.

We’ve shown just a few examples of our scientific glassware here but with so many possibilities it’s not possible to show them all.  Please contact our chemists to discuss any scientific glassware requirements you may have.

  • NEW B24 Luer vacuum adapters

    B24 Luer vacuum adapters

    Neat little adapters for SPE, chromatography and filtration

  • Asynt gas bubblers

    Gas Bubblers

    Useful lab glassware from Asynt

  • Bespoke Schlenk Lines from Asynt - worldwide laboratory experts. Shown with Vacuubrand VacuuPure

    Schlenk Lines

    Made to your specification in the UK

  • scientific glassware repairs Asynt

    Scientific Glassware Repairs

    Repair or alter your existing glassware

  • Vacuum filtrations funnels image

    Vacuum filtration funnels

    Useful lab glassware from Asynt

  • Borosilicate electrochemical cells manufactured in the UK by Asynt

    Borosilicate electrochemical cells

    Bespoke manufacture by our experts in the UK

  • Laboratory Reaction Vessels

    Manufactured in the UK by our experts to your specification