Special Offer Packages

NEW Special offer packages designed to enhance your work and make your life a little easier, but these also provide exceptional value for your laboratory.  Choose from the option best suited to your preferred configuration and work safely and sustainably without the hazards of hot oil, or potential flooding!

The four special offer packages are:

  • Offer 1 Parallel synthesis in tubes or vials, with up to 27 reactions on one hotplate
  • Offer 2 Parallel evaporation in tubes/vials for even high-boiling solvents, without bumping
  • Offer 3 Single position sub-ambient chemistry in round bottom flasks up to 1,000 mL
  • Offer 4 Parallel reflux in round bottom flasks 250 mL, with CondenSyn® 350mm
  • Bonus offer – buy the Asynt complete magnetic hotplate stirrer kit at a special discounted price when purchased with one of the offers mentioned above


  • Package Deal 1:  ASY-OS-109
    • DrySyn Parallel Synthesis Kit (1 x DrySyn MULTI-E Base, 3 x inserts in one standard size), plus 1 x Compact Lab Safety Shield.
  • Package Deal 2:  ASY-OS-105
    • DrySyn Spiral Evaporator, plus 1 x DrySyn UNO Base, 1 x DrySyn Spiral Evaporator Clamp, 1 x Reaction Vial Insert
  • Package Deal 3:  ASY-OS-113
    • DrySyn SnowStorm ONE Starter Kit (1 x DrySyn SnowStorm ONE base, and 1 x insert to suit round bottom flasks in either 50, 250, 500, 1,000 mL size), plus 1 x DrySyn SnowStorm ONE Insulation Kit
  • Package Deal 4:  ASY-OS-106
    • 1 x DrySyn MULTI-M Starter Kit (1 x DrySyn MULTI-M Base, 3 x DrySyn inserts to suit 250 mL round bottom flasks), 3 x CondenSyn 350mm with any standard B fitting, 1 x Large Compact Lab Safety Shield
  • Bonus Deal:  ADS-HP-S-NT
    • Asynt Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer Kit

Please contact us for pricing and further information.
These package deals are valid from 1st January to 30th June 2024. Terms & conditions apply.

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