DrySyn® Prodigy

The NEW DrySyn® Prodigy offers oil-free heating of round bottom flasks up to 500 mL using fully recyclable materials.

Simple and safe

It’s easy and safe to use, with heat-resistant handles and adjustable feet that enable fitment to any laboratory hotplate which is ideal for growing labs with mixed equipment!  This is a great solution for those wishing to synthesize chemicals at benchtop scale, and want to save space and materials.

Effective, and environmentally responsible

Manufactured from chemically resistant aluminium with an anodised finish to ensure a long lifespan, the DrySyn Prodigy’s nesting design enables chemistry across the most common benchtop volumes.  The platforms’ low profile gives excellent reaction visibility and reduces the risk of any glassware breakage.  With outstanding heat transfer and stirring (via magnetic flea), the DrySyn platform is renowned for making lab life both easier and safer by removing the need for potentially hazardous oil baths and mantles.  This platform also removes the need for costly oil supplies and disposal.

Designed to suit round bottom flasks in 500 mL, 250 mL, 100 mL, and 50 mL, you can purchase elements either individually or choose from a range of handy kits.

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  • Single position oil-free heating block platform
  • Anodised aluminium body with screw-in heat-resistant handles supplied as standard
  • 3.5 mm hole for temperature probe and thermometer hole for standard glass thermometers
  • Heating and stirring via magnetic hotplate stirrer and magnetic flea
  • The DrySyn Prodigy can be used for temperatures of up to 300 ᵒC, however for prolonged use at high temperatures please check that your hotplate is suitable without affecting its lifespan.
  • Fits standard ISO size round bottom flasks
  • Optional 50 mL, 100 mL and 250 mL nesting inserts (not compatible with other models of DrySyn) for use within the 500 mL DrySyn Prodigy Base

Part numbers:

  • ADS500-B:  DrySyn Prodigy 500 mL Base with heat resistant handles
  • ADS500-50:  DrySyn Prodigy 50 mL insert
  • ADS500-100:  DrySyn Prodigy 100 mL insert
  • ADS500-250:  DrySyn Prodigy 250 mL insert
  • ADS500-KIT-A:  DrySyn Prodigy Complete Kit – comprised of DrySyn Prodigy 500 mL Base and 1 each of 50 mL, 100 mL, and 250 mL inserts
  • ADS500-KIT-B:  DrySyn Prodigy Kit – comprised of DrySyn Prodigy 500 mL Base with 1 each of 100 mL and 250 mL inserts

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