Shining a Light on a New Photochemistry Reactor

Asynt announce the DrySyn Illumin8 – a new, beautifully engineered, 8-position parallel photoreactor for research chemists.

Based upon a modified version of Asynt’s popular DrySyn OCTO reactor, the DrySyn Illumin8 allows users to run up to 8 parallel photochemical reactions at a time in precision borosilicate tubes, up to 6 mL in volume. The unit mounts on a standard magnetic hotplate stirrer enabling powerful agitation and heating (up to 80 °C). Easy to use connectors, on top of the DrySyn Illumin8, allow for an inert atmosphere or vacuum to be applied to each reaction tube. These features, coupled with the ability to safely sample or make additions to each ongoing reaction, make the DrySyn Illumin8 the ideal tool for consistent and reliable photochemical reaction screening experiments.

Compact in size, the DrySyn Illumin8 features a ring of eight high power UV (365 nm) or blue (450 nm) light emitting diodes (LEDs) with safety interlocks to ensure light tight photochemical reactions. With each LED positioned close to a corresponding reaction tube, the DrySyn Illumin8 efficiently delivers an even photon flux to each reaction enhancing the consistency of your photochemical reactions.

DrySyn Illumin8 parallel photoreactor from Asynt UK

The DrySyn Illumin8 parallel photoreactor is simple to set-up, flexible in operation and easy-to-use with just one single on/off switch.

Martyn Fordham, Managing Director of Asynt commented

“Until now the photochemical reactor market has been dominated by ‘homemade’ systems which offer inconsistent results and questionable operator safety. Our new DrySyn Illumin8 delivers an effective and efficient solution for photochemical reaction chemistry in a safe, high quality, integrated unit that offers a consistently, high performance that few commercial systems can match”.

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Download the PR in full in PDF format HERE.
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