Selecting a rotary evaporator

Choosing the right tool from those available isn’t always as straight forward as we’d all like.  Our sales team are all PhD Chemists with lab experience who will always do all they can to understand what you need, appreciate the issues affecting your work, and offer you guidance on the resources and tools available from a wide variety of high quality manufacturers.

IKA have produced an interesting new video to demonstrate some of the aspects which should be considered when choosing your new rotary evaporator:

You can see further details on the individual rotary evaporators in this category here on our website:

Things to consider might include:  

  • A manual lift: this is a lower cost option and would point you towards the RV 3 V-C or the RV 8 Basic V-C.
  • Motorized lift: if a motorized lift with an automated lift-out function in case of power outage to prevent superheating of the solvent sounds like it would be important then the RV 10 Digital V-C might be ideal.
  • Specific accessories/glassware: if you’d like to have very specific glassware and accessories then it might make sense to choose the RV 10 Digital Flex and custom build your own kit.
  • What else? Contact us with your thoughts and we’ll do all we can to help.

We do currently have a fantastic special offer running on the IKA RV 8 Basic V-C if you’re interested though!