Asynt Newsletter November 2020

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Asynt monthly chemistry newsletter November 2020 edition

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This month’s articles include:

  • Want to get your chemistry flowing?: We launch fReactor MAXI – and our new pressure accessories kit too!
  • Happy Lab Giveaway: find out how to get your hands on free DrySyn & CondenSyn, and a load of chocolate!
  • PhotoSyn: We look at the high power LED light source tool for your continuous flow applications
  • One-to-one: We put you in charge so you can book time with our experts whenever you need them!
  • Teaser:   Pre-register to be amongst the first to hear about our NEW benchtop parallel photoreactor that’s coming soon!
  • Special offers & Black Friday:  get ready!
  • Making life easier:  Not sure how to order? We make life simple, with many items available with a next working day delivery in the UK!
  • #WorldKindnessDay: Let’s take it to the lab and share some random acts of kindness
  • STEM activities to entertain your cubs:  We share some great seasonal activities to occupy the youngsters in your vicinity

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