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It’s summer time and lab life is pretty hectic but we have a great chemistry read for you this month with the Asynt newsletter June 2021.

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Here’s what we have in store for you in the Asynt newsletter June 2021 though:

  • The Peaky Blinders: How is a fictional family relevant to the chemistry that changed our world, post WW1? New blog investigates.
  • Photosynthesis of chiral building blocks for drug discover: NEW White Paper demonstrates capabilities of the Illumin8 parallel photoreactor
  • Maximise your stirring:  How effective is the stirring with up to 27 parallel reactions on one hotplate?  Dr Mike takes us through the options in our new video.
  • Multiple cooled reactions: how one recirculating cooler can run up to 4 rotary evaporators and help you reduce water waste
  • Continuous flow Z-stereoselective olefin metathesis:  development and applications in the synthesis of pheromones and macrocyclic odorant molecules – NEW White Paper with fReactor Flow Chemistry platform
  • The art of scientific glass blowing: whether it’s fixing the vessel you banged on the bench or manufacturing your perfect reactor

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