Asynt January 2022 Newsletter: Let’s go!

Asynt January 2022 NewsletterThere’s a huge amount to look forward to this year so let’s start the ball rolling with the Asynt January 2022 newsletter – let’s go…

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Here’s what we have in store for you in the Asynt January 2022 newsletter:

  • Everything in one place: All your favourite manufacturers and everything you need
  • Work smarter:  benchtop synthesis in parallel in tubes, vials, and round bottom flasks
  • FREE on-demand webinar: join Prof. Nikil Kapur & Prof. Steve Marsden from University of Leeds, UK for this photochemistry in Flow Chemistry event
  • Customise, don’t compromise:  if you’re tired of making your kit fit your chemistry instead of vice versa, it’s time to Asynt-ise it (because it might not only be your team who want to use something different!)
  • All-new sustainable reflux packages:  Save cash while you’re saving the planet
  • Let’s talk: a short video with all the ways of contacting the right person at Asynt
  • Veganuary – the hidden story of vitamin B12: find out how sheep are designed better than humans in one particular aspect

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