ReactoMate ATOM System

The ReactoMate ATOM System has been designed to provide everything you need when scaling-up processes in your laboratory up to 30,000 mL.

  • ReactoMate ATOM controlled laboratory reactor stand from Asynt

    ReactoMate ATOM Support

    Modern support stand for vessels up to 30 L

  • Asynt CondenSyn MAXI reflux condenser for larger scale reactions

    CondenSyn MAXI Condenser

    Ideal for reflux with larger volumes of solvent

  • ReactoMate Pilot Scale controlled laboratory reactors from Asynt

    ReactoMate-Pilot Jacketed Reactors

    Standard sizes up to 30L

  • ReactoMate jacketed vessels lab reactors

    Laboratory Reaction Vessels

    Manufactured in the UK by our experts to your specification

  • ReactoMate vacuum jacketed reactor vessels from Asynt

    Vacuum Jacketed Reaction Vessels

    High performance at low temperatures