ReactoMate ATOM Support

Designed with the needs of process chemistry laboratories in mind, the freshly updated ReactoMate ATOM support is suitable for all jacketed vessels (double wall) up to 50,000 mL and vacuum jacketed vessels (triple wall) up to 20,000 mL within a compact footprint and with all-round visibility and access.

The ATOM support features an innovative design allowing you to easily adjust the height of your reaction vessel with just one hand.  With a chemically resistant build, and and NEW vessel support, the ATOM support allows you to reach pilot scale reactions all within the foot print of a bench top system.

Alongside the standard configurations shown, the ATOM support is available with a number of extra options including castors, drip trays and clamps for additional vessels.

Fully compatible with all leading brands of overhead stirrer and suitable for jacketed vessels (double wall) up to 50,000 mL and vacuum jacketed vessels (triple wall) up to 20,000 mL, the ATOM support is the complete stand for all of your laboratory scale-up needs.

The stainless steel and aluminium framework comes complete with a neck clamp to secure your vessel in place, as well as a secure bottom support to stabilise larger vessels.  The unique overhead stirrer support mechanism allows for simple alignment and the secure lifting mechanism is ideal for use with reaction vessels up to 30,000 mL.

Accessories and customisation available to suit your specific needs.


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