Gauges & Controllers

Asynt offers a comprehensive range of electronic measuring instruments for laboratory and industrial use, as well as controllers for rough and fine vacuum to regulate from atmospheric pressure down to 10-3 mbar.

  • Vacuu-View

    Measure 1100 to 0.1 mbar

  • Vacuubrand DVR 2pro vacuum gauge from Asynt

    Vacuubrand DVR 2pro Vacuum Gauge

    Fully electronic & chemical resistant gauge

  • Vacuubrand Vacuu-Select Vacuum Controller

    Vacuubrand VACUU-SELECT

    Intuitive, easy-to-use vacuum controller

  • Vacuubrand VSP3000 Chemistry Pirani Gauge

    Vacuubrand VSP3000 Pirani Gauge

    The Pirani Gauge - an innovative rugged new sensor for chemists