Asynt offer a range of electrochemistry tools for those wishing to carry out electrochemical reactions in the lab.

This includes the NEW ElectroReact flexible electrochemistry platform designed for up to 6 reactions in parallel, with heating and stirring.  Designed in conjunction with the University of Leeds (UK), the ElectroReact is built to suit users at all levels.  Choose from a range of standard power supplies, widely available electrodes, and your preferred potentiostat.

You can view the recent webinar, An Introduction to electrochemistry and ElectroReact, via Asynt’s YouTube channel by clicking HERE.

Visit the dedicated info-site with guidance, straight-forward instructions, examples of reactions carried out using the platform, and a comprehensive learning zone by clicking HERE.

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  • ElectroReact Parallel Electrochemistry Platform from Asynt, worldwide lab experts

    ElectroReact Flexible Electrochemistry Platform

    Up to 6 parallel reactions with heating & stirring

  • ElectroReact DC bench power supply from Asynt

    ElectroReact DC Bench Power Supply

    Single or dual power output options

  • Borosilicate electrochemical cells manufactured in the UK by Asynt

    Borosilicate electrochemical cells

    Bespoke manufacture by our experts in the UK

  • Platinum Electrodes from Asynt chemistry

    Platinum Flag Electrodes

    Manufactured from the highest purity materials