ElectroReact DC Bench Power Supply

The ElectroReact flexible electrochemistry platform can be used with any suitable power supply however we do offer a range of DC bench power supply modules you can purchase with your apparatus.

Typical features of the power supplies offered include:

  • Single or dual output
  • Input voltage : 230V
  • Complete digital control
  • Industrial grade, with load for a long time
  • Encoder-controlled fine & coarse adjustment
  • Intelligent temperature-controlled fan
  • Compact design
  • Constant current & constant voltage
  • Current preset
  • 4-digit display
  • 10mV / 1mA high accuracy and resolution
  • Low noise and ripple
  • Knob Lock function to avoid improper operation
  • Interfaces : USB and RS232
For further details or to discuss your requirements, please contact us.

There is a dedicated info-site, managed wholly by the engineers and chemists behind the initial ElectroReact concept, available at Unlocking Electrochemistry (electroreact.com).  Here, you’ll find a wealth of information including step-by-step instructions & guides, evidence of work carried out using the ElectroReact, and much more.

The ElectroReact Flexible Electrochemistry Kits can be used with any standard magnetic hotplate stirrer, and are suitable to be heated up to 100 oC.

We offer a range of power supply options to enable users to select according to their requirements (we can advise you on which will best suit).  For those wishing to carry out electroanalytical chemistry, we work in partnership with Metrohm for the supply of a range of high quality potentiostats 

Please contact us for pricing, or confirmation of your requirements to enable us to advise you on which setup best suits your needs.

  • ADS30-PS-1  Single Output Power Supply
  • ADS30-PS-2  Dual Output Power Supply

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