ElectroReact Flexible Electrochemistry Platform

NEW from Asynt, the ElectroReact is a versatile electrochemistry platform for up to six simultaneous separate reactions with heating and stirring.

The ElectroReact is an electrochemical cell designed for maximum flexibility, enabling electrodes to be easily changed, reactions to be manipulated throughout (e.g. by connecting to a gas or Schlenk line, easy addition/withdrawal of material, inert atmosphere), and precise control over parameters such as heating and stirring.

Designed in conjunction with the engineers and scientists at the University of Leeds (UK), ElectroReact gives users the means to truly customise their setup to carry out their preferred reactions.  It can be used with a generic power supply, and is built to handle a huge range of electrodes and standard fittings that are cost effective and widely available.

Options for kits and accessories

We offer a range of starter and complete kits, both suitable for those looking to start carrying out electrochemical reactions, or those already carrying out this kind of work but who wish to work more efficiently and safely. 

We offer 20 mL glass cells (“standard”) or 5 mL glass cells (“reduced volume”).

ElectroReact cell 20 mL ElectroReact 5 mL cell
Standard volume cell Reduced volume cell


The ElectroReact electrochemistry platform is a game-changer for repeatable and reliable results!

There is a dedicated info-site, managed wholly by the engineers and chemists behind the initial concept, available at Unlocking Electrochemistry (electroreact.com).  Here, you’ll find a wealth of information including step-by-step instructions & guides, evidence of work carried out using the ElectroReact, and much more.

The ElectroReact Flexible Electrochemistry Kits can be used with any standard magnetic hotplate stirrer, and are suitable to be heated up to 100 oC.

We offer a range of power supply options to enable users to select according to their requirements (we can advise you on which will best suit).  For those wishing to carry out electroanalytical chemistry, we work in partnership with Metrohm for the supply of a range of high quality potentiostats 

Please contact us for pricing, or confirmation of your requirements to enable us to advise you on which setup best suits your needs.

With standard kits, each glass cell is 20 mL volume.  Recommended minimum solution volume of 8 mL to allow immersion of the 5 cm electrodes by 1 cm.  Maximum solution volume to be used of 17.5 mL.

  • ADS30-SK ElectroReact Electrochemistry Starter Kit
    Comprised of 1 x 6 position holding plate, 2 x 20 mL glass cell with cap and connectors, 4 electrode holders and associated O-rings, plugs and alligator clips.
  • ADS30-CK ElectroReact Electrochemistry Complete Kit
    Comprised of 1 x 6 position holding plate, 6 x 20 mL glass cell with cap and connectors, 12 x electrode holders and associated O-rings, plugs and alligator clips
  • ADS30-SK-RV ElectroReact Reduced Volume Starter Kit (as above, 5 mL glass cell replaces the 20 mL glass cell)
  • ADS30-CK-RV ElectroReact Reduced Volume Complete Kit (as above, 5 mL glass cell replaces the 20 mL glass cell)
  • ADS30-BR  ElectroReact Additional Bottle Reactor
  • ADS30-OR-VITON  ElectroReact Spare Viton Bottle O-rings (Pack of 10)
  • ADS30-OR-FFKM  ElectroReact Spare FFKM Bottle O-rings (Pack of 10)
  • ADS30-A-SP  ElectroReact Accessory Starter Pack
  • ADS30-A-CP  ElectroReact Accessory Complete Pack
  • ADS30-EC-PTFE  ElectroReact PTFE Electrode Carrier (Pack of 2)
  • ADS30-EC-PEEK  ElectroReact PEEK Carrier (Pack of 2)
  • ADS30-SBP  ElectroReact Stackable Banana Plug (Pack of 2)
  • ADS30-AC-10  ElectroReact Double-ended Alligator Clips (Pack of 10)
  • ADS30-PS-1  Single Output Power Supply
  • ADS30-EH  ElectroReact Replacement Electrode Holders (Pack of 4)
  • ADS30-TOOLS  Tools for replacing Electrode Holders
  • ADS30-GV  Spare glass vials for ElectroReact (Pack of 5)
Electrode Pack
Material Size (mm) Thickness (mm)
ADS30-E-CU101-12 12 Copper 10 x 50 1.5
ADS30-E-SS316-12 12 Stainless Steel 10 x 50 1.5
ADS30-E-NI00-2 2 Nickel 10 x 50 1
ADS30-E-GD8840-12 12 Graphite 10 x 50 1
ADS30-E-VC00-2 2 Glassy Carbon 10 x 50 1
ADS30-E-PT00-0.5M 1 (Makes 6 electrodes) Platinum 8 x 0.5 0.025


Image below, left to right: ADS30-E-VC00-2, ADS30-E-CU101-12, ADS30-E-SS316-12 and ADS30-E-GD8840-12

ElectroReact Electrodes L-R ADS30-E-VC00-2, ADS30-E-CU101-12, ADS30-E-SS316-12 and ADS30-E-GD8840-12

Watch our latest webinar on ElectroReact, where Prof Nik Kapur from University of Leeds and Dr Charlotte Willans from University of York introduce this revolutionary new flexible platform! Just click the "Videos" tab to view...

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