Reaction systems

Asynt offer a great range of reactions systems, from something fairly basic to the highest tech laboratory reaction systems.  With options for full control, use of pressure, and process optimisation why not discuss with our team how your chemistry could benefit from one of these?

  • Integrity 10 reaction station from Asynt, worldwide lab specialists. 10 individually controlled and heated cells in a compact footprint.

    Integrity 10 reaction station

    10 totally different reactions simultaneously

  • Integrity 10 Reaction Station with Asynt high pressure reactor array

    Parallel Pressure Reactor Module

    Run up to 10 individual pressurised reactions

  • FlowSyn Continuous Flow Reactor

    FlowSyn Continuous Flow Reactor

    Fully integrated, easy to use continuous flow reactor

  • FlowSyn Auto-LF Continuous Flow Reactor - NEW!

    FlowSyn Auto-LF Continuous Flow Reactor

    Harness the power of flow to deliver compound libraries faster

  • J-Kem reaction station

    J-Kem Reaction Station

  • J-Kem Multi-Temperature Zone Reaction Blocks

    Independent temperature control of each block

  • SYR-1200 programmable syringe pump

    J-Kem Syringe Pump

    Take control and ensure reproducibility

  • FlowSyn Binary Pump Module

    FlowSyn Binary Pump Module

    Ideal for multi-component or multi-step reactions using more than two starting materials.