PressureSyn HPR Evaluation: Dr Marco Conte, University of Sheffield

PressureSyn Evaluation: 

“I am a user of the Asynt PressureSyn reactor, for the testing of catalysts of oxidation and isomerization reactions, and this is a product that I strongly recommend to any researcher who has the need to explore a wide range of temperatures and pressure, but preserving important safety characteristics and a compact design.

This is one of the safest autoclaves I have the chance to work with.

Safety features include two different outlet safety valves, and due to its design it is not possible to open the autoclave unless the pressure inside the vessel has been reduced to ambient value first. The latter is an important, and to some extent unique, feature that allows the use of this set-up also for non-experienced users.

In summary I strongly recommend this product for its capability and safety to anyone involved in the study of chemical reactions.”

Dr Marco Conte, Lecturer in Physical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, University of Sheffield.

Reference: ASY-EV-148