DrySyn OCTO Evaluation: Dr Peter Blencowe, CRUK

DrySyn OCTO Evaluation: 

“We have used the DrySyn OCTO to perform a variety of heterogeneous catalysis reactions under nitrogen to eliminate formation of side products.

Using DrySyn OCTO – parallel reactions are very easy to set up saving time on the degassing and space on the heating arrangement required.

We all like the unit and it has particularly helped us improve workflow when tasked with doing arrays of heated reactions in early discovery chemistry”.


Dr Peter Blencowe, a senior scientist at the Cancer Research UK (CRUK, Cambridge, UK) Therapeutic Discovery Laboratories

Read the related press release in full here: https://www.asynt.com/press-releases/early-discovery-chemistry-workflow-benefits-from-parallel-synthesiser/

Reference: ASY-EV-155