Performing Parallel Chemical Reactions at Over 400°C

Asynt announces the DrySyn Multi-M high temperature adapter – a unique product that enables scientists to undertake parallel reactions that require solution temperatures of over 400°C.

A significant number of Asynt customers worldwide have reported great success in using single position DrySyn heating block systems at high temperatures. However, in order to carry out very high temperature reactions in parallel required development of a novel pin locating adapter plate.  With high temperature hotplate stirrers being generally much larger than those considered as “standard”, the new adapter plate ensures that the DrySyn Multi-M loaded with 3 x 250ml round bottomed flasks can be accurately and securely positioned on a larger hotplate stirrer.

Manufactured from solid aluminium, the DrySyn Multi-M with high temperature adapter was originally designed for a customer who is now successfully undertaking novel nanoparticle synthesis reactions in parallel that require solution  temperatures of up to and over 400oC.

Most standard lab hotplate stirrers have a maximum ‘plate’ temperature of around 300oC and therefore a higher temperature unit is needed if a solution temperature above around 280oC level is required. Asynt recommends the use of a high temperature hotplate stirrer such as the IKA HS7. This unit is capable of 500oC and works perfectly with the new DrySyn Multi-M high temperature adapter  allowing parallel experiments to be set-up and used in a secure central position.

Download the press release in full HERE.

Exécution de réactions chimiques parallèles à plus de 400ºC

Parallelreaktionen bei Temperaturen über 400 °C 

Realización de reacciones químicas en paralelo por encima de 400°C