DrySyn® MULTI-M Kit

The DrySyn® MULTI-M Kit converts any standard hotplate stirrer into a reaction block for 3 flasks of 10 mL – 250 mL, or for up to 27 vials.

Its modular system offers flexibility and is very compact with a small footprint. All DrySyn MULTI inserts are compatible with the MULTI-M base. In addition one Multi-S 500 mL flask can be used in the central position.

The DrySyn MULTI-M base design means that you can heat with any standard hotplate stirrer, round or rectangular, and is supplied with a heat resistant handle.

The base plate allows 3 x flask inserts to be used in parallel or 1 x insert to be used in the centre at a time.

Made in the UK.

  • Setting up 3 reactions is easy with the DrySyn MULTI-M clamp
  • Up to 3 reactions in flasks from 10 mL to 250 mL or up to 27 reactions in tubes or vials
  • Powerful stirring in all configurations
  • Fits standard hotplate stirrers including IKA and Heidolph
  • Temperature probe fits directly in insert for greater accuracy
  • Safe temperature ramping to 300 oC
  • Central position can be used with 500 mL MULTI-S inserts
  • The MULTI-M Complete Kit is comprised of 1 x MULTI-M Base plate, heat resistant handle, 3 x 100 mL flask inserts and 3 x 250 mL flask inserts but you can also purchase these components separately.
Please note the DrySyn MULTI units rely on a wide pattern magnetic field for good coupling when using multiple flasks or tubes, brands such as Asynt, IKA, Heidolph all have very strong and wide magnetic fields; some (not all) other brands use a weaker/smaller magnetic drive and as a result may not couple as effectively.

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