Glass reactor accessories minimise downtime for vessel changeover

NEW glass reactor accessories:  Asynt has introduced two new innovative kits for scale-up laboratories looking to minimise downtime when changing between different glass reactor vessels.

Offering the flexibility to work with glass reactors from different manufacturers, the new ReactoMate Quick-release Couplings glass reactor accessories allow you to securely attach or detach flexible hosing to your DN or KF glassware in just seconds – with or without tools. Manufactured from chemically resistant PEEK and stainless-steel components, the high quality, chemically resistant and reliable kit is easy to use and puts minimal stress on your vessels glass joints. Built to operate from -20 to +120 °C, Asynt’s robust new kit is proven to provide fast, reliable, trouble-free connection / disconnection time after time.

lab reactor quick release couplings glass reactor accessories

The ReactoMate Drain Manifold kit is designed to allow chemists to drain recirculating thermal fluid quickly and easily from their reactor vessel jackets, further minimising downtime between vessel swapping. Precision engineered with a high build quality, the ReactoMate Drain Manifold kit prevents fluid loss and contamination during the transition between vessels.

ReactoMate Drain Manifolds and Quick-Release couplings from Asynt

Proven in laboratories worldwide, Asynt offer a ReactoMate glass laboratory reactor system to suit almost every synthesis need from 100 mL – 30,000 mL plus. Designed by chemists for chemists, ReactoMate systems are optimised to your precise needs with a vast array of options available to alter vessel dimensions, vessel and lid materials, vessel set-up, automation, glass reactor accessories and much more.


ReactoMate jacketed lab reactors from AsyntFor further details please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Des accessoires de réacteur en verre minimisent les temps d’arrêt pour le changement de cuve
Glasreaktor-Zubehör reduziert die Ausfallzeit bei der Behälterumrüstung auf ein Minimum.
Los accesorios del reactor de vidrio reducen al mínimo los tiempos de parada para el cambio de los recipientes