Baffled Reactor System Enhances Exothermic & Large Scale Reactions

Asynt Ltd., in conjunction with Innovative Physical Organic Solutions* (IPOS), has created a Baffled Controlled Lab Reactor system that offers the ultimate in fast mixing / dispersion.

By using specially designed PTFE baffle blades together with a PTFE turbine stirrer, Asynt is now able to offer scientists a new version of their 5000ml ReactoMate Controlled Lab Reactor system which is built to mix reactions more quickly and effectively.

Asynt-120215-001Most reaction vessels used by research chemists employ simple anchor or turbine stirring devices, both of which move liquid very well but usually this is in a circular direction with a vortex created in the centre. Despite this mixing looking dramatic the time for reactants to mix / disperse homogeneously with anchor or turbine stirrers is relatively slow.

This may not be an issue when the reaction under study is slow and non-exothermic however exothermic reactions such as hydrogenation, nitration, polymerisation, acid / base neutralisation and catalysis, especially those that require efficient cooling, can be seriously affected by slow dispersion during reagent addition. Similarly many reactions that work well in a lab flask often, when scaled up above 1000ml, can also suffer seriously from this dispersion issue.

For a wide range of exothermic and large scale reactions – Asynt’s ReactoMate Baffled Controlled Lab Reactor system has been shown to improve reproducibility of results, increase selectivity and reduce potentially unwanted side reactions as a result of its ability to provide fast mixing and dispersion. The effectiveness of baffled reactors can be seen on a selection of videos at (select downloads).

In addition to the new 5000ml system, Asynt offers a special reactor lid, baffles and stirrer for customers to use on existing suitable reaction vessels. Other size ReactoMate Baffled Controlled Lab Reactor systems are available as custom orders.

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