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DrySyn Spiral Evaporator

…orator offers fast and effective parallel evaporation in tubes without solvent bumping. Use the system to rapidly concentrate even high boiling solvents such as DMSO, DMF and water in tubes, without he…


Single High-Pressure Reactors

…formation on single reactors and parallel reactors here on the Asynt website, or please contact us to discuss your requirements. Request more info Please contact us by completing the short form below s…


Custom Reactors

…e of sizes and volumes Single or parallel position reactors Use under pressure and vacuum Use over varying temperature ranges Temperature control Materials of construction (including glass, metals, PTF…


About Us

…: the ultra-safe, simple to use, parallel Photo Chemistry reactor and Lighthouse: the innovative batch photoreactor. Laboratory equipment from renowned scientific manufacturers such as Adam Equipment,…


Selecting an impeller for overhead stirring

…for more details DrySyn Vortex – parallel overhead stirring with just one stirrer motor Click here for more details Static dissipative PTFE reactor accessories Click here for more details   Sources: ht…


The science of baking: Asynt & Dr Josh Smalley

…ur daily lives, particularly its parallels with baking, and what better way to do this than with a cake demonstration.   I’ve always hoped to use my platform to showcase how exciting chemistry can be a…


ADKL background image - Australia distributor for Asynt

ADKL Labs Pty Ltd

…cialising in drug design, custom synthesis, analytical method development, and reverse engineering. ADKL Labs have established distribution partnerships with speciality equipment providers. We only dis…


Asynt Inc - all your favourite Asynt laboratory tools plus local knowledge and expertise for the USA and Canada

Asynt Inc.

…acketed lab reactors, and single/parallel pressure reactors. In addition, we offer innovative and effective solutions for photochemistry, Flow Chemistry, electrochemistry, and much more! The Asynt Inc….