Julabo FL300 evaluation: Wigen Nazarov, University of St Andrews

Julabo FL300 Evaluation:  “I have been using this apparatus mainly for cooling condensers on soxhlet apparatus. Because of space constraints on my laboratory bench, I needed a circulator that could be placed on the floor and run two soxhlet condensers in parallel. This is a remarkable apparatus and the only circulator that generated enough pressure to cool down two condensers efficiently.
Julabo FL300 is fast and cools down the condensers from room temperature down to -5oC in less than 15 minutes and it is also extremely quiet.
My FL300 has been running continuously for three years and it only goes off during holiday and it is still working. I have never owned any circulator that was so efficient, reliable, robust and powerful. I have owned other brands before, in fact three different makes, and all of them were not powerful enough to cool two condensers at the same time (positioned on the floor), and one broke down in the first two years. Also no other make cools as fast as the Julabo cooler circulator. I cannot recommend this more strongly, it is a brilliant design.”

Wigen Nazarov, University of St Andrews

Reference: ASY-EV-131