University of Leeds Postgraduate Chemistry Conference 2017

The University of Leeds Postgraduate Chemistry Conference 2017 is taking place on Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th June 2017 and is supported by the RSC, and by Asynt!

University of Leeds School of Chemistry conference June 2017

Dr Kerry Elgie will be on site with a wide range of products from the Asynt catalogue for you to take a closer look at – including DrySyn oil-free laboratory heating and cooling blocks, PressureSyn high pressure reactors, ReactoMate controlled lab reactors and more.

You can also see the NEW DrySyn OCTO; the 8 position parallel synthesizer just launched!

This event celebrates the success of ongoing research conducted by postgraduate researchers in the School of Chemistry at the University.

The conference opens at 10.00am on Wednesday, with an introduction from the Royal Society of Chemistry. After a buffet lunch, there will be ample opportunity to look around the poster display and visit our careers exhibition. Talks commence at 9.30am on Friday, and prizes will be awarded at the close of the symposium for the winners of the best presentation and poster.

You can see full details on the University website HERE.

We look forward to speaking with you at the event!