Asynt May 2023 Newsletter

Asynt May 2023 Newsletter

It’s been an incredibly busy month here which means we have plenty to update you on.  Welcome to the Asynt May 2023 Newsletter!

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Here are the topics for the Asynt May 2023 newsletter:

  • Welcoming friends, old & new: Our review of the prestigious CHEMUK 2023 exhibition, including new product launches and much more.
  • Critical temperature control in photochemistry: We launch TWO new additions to the Asynt LightSyn photochemistry range.
  • One-stop-shop: Find all your favourite brands under the Asynt roof!
  • Identifying fitting sizes in chemistry glassware: a straight-forward guide to standard worldwide glass fittings
  • Unique and useful:  we introduce a range of oil-free laboratory heating/cooling blocks for tubes/vials and even Schlenk tubes
  • The chemistry of doughnuts: Celebrating National Doughnut Week with our new blog, and doughnut-making video! (Spoiler: there’s none left, sorry!)

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Asynt May 2023 Newsletter

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