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Asynt June 2023 Newsletter

Welcome to the Asynt June 2023 Newsletter!  It’s rather warm here in East Anglia in the UK where Asynt’s headquarters are located so we’re focussing this month on some useful ways of making the most of your recirculating cooler, and some top tips for cooling down…

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Here are the topics for the Asynt June 2023 newsletter:

  • Maximise use of your recirculating cooler: everything in your lab needs to earn it’s place there so we talk you through making the most of this useful piece of equipment.
  • No mess or contamination of samples in tubes/vials: Find out how you can use the DrySyn Reaction Vial Blocks to work with up to 27 reactions in parallel on just one hotplate.
  • Why would I need a liquid nitrogen generator?: With a huge range of applications and benefits to making your own LN2 supply in-house, we breakdown the key information for you.
  • Sometimes you need to play it cool!: Discover the wide range of options available from Asynt for your sub-ambient chemistry.
  • Cool chemistry for kids – and grownups!:  Summer STEM/Chemistry fun with our experiment making easy ice cream in a bag.

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Asynt June 2023 Newsletter

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