Smart Evaporator C10 Evaluation: Ryoko Tanaka, Institute of Analytical Sciences, University of Fukuoka (Japan)

Posted on: February 1, 2017

Assistant prof. Ms.Tanaka needed to raise the concentration when detecting amino acids as a target by LC-MS / MS, and had desired the most to avoid the denaturation of samples during concentration in order to evaluate the sample variation over a time. Up to now, she needed to repeat the process with 1-2 samples for some times when she actually needs to evaporate 4 to 6. She was feeling reluctant to do evaporation because it took her so long. Continue reading

Smart Evaporator C10 Evaluation: Anon, Manufacturer

Posted on: December 22, 2016

Smart Evaporator C10 Evaluation:  shared by BioChromato “BioChromato We’d like to know about your research development with the C10. Thank you very much for this opportunity. Mr.S My pleasure. BioChromato What types of research area are you working on? Mr.S We work in … Continue reading