DrySyn MULTI Evaluation: Andy Smith, College of the Sequoias, USA

DrySyn MULTI evaluation in a teaching lab

We at College of the Sequoias have been delighted to test out the DrySyn heating block in our teaching laboratory and offer a DrySyn MULTI evaluation. Students were able to use the DrySyn for reactions in 25 mL, 50 mL, 100 mL, and even 500 mL round bottom flasks that required heating. While they appreciated that they could heat three flasks simultaneously, we didn’t use that functionality because they only perform one reaction at a time, and we didn’t have access to more than one of each size.

Students loved the ease of use, which seems to be a theme with Asynt products. They loved that they could use their stirring hotplate, and avoid using a rheostat, which just adds more clutter to the reaction bench, and is one more item that can break/perform poorly. It made reactions so easy for them that they all clamoured to be the one who got to use it.

The only criticism they had was that the 100mL heating block didn’t have enough contact with the glassware. The other sizes heated brilliantly, but the 100mL sat too high on the block and needed to be wrapped with aluminum foil to maintain temperature.

Note: this was identified as an issue with non-standardised glassware as standardised glassware of this volume sits low in the block to maintain heat transfer and temperature control.

I have attached some photos of our student Eric Ramos performing a lab in which he synthesized methyl salicylate (oil of wintergreen from salicylic acid and sulfuric acid. The reaction mixture is refluxed in methanol, and as you can see, he is also using the CondenSyn waterless condenser, which is perfect for this kind of reaction.

Loving this DrySyn MULTI Evaluation and keen to find out which kit is the best for your chemistry?

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Further information on the College of the Sequoias: https://www.cos.edu/en-us/academics/science/chemistry

Reference: ASY-EV-160