Vacuubrand VACUU-PURE 10C Evaluation: Nils Weidmann, LMU Munich Germany

Vacuubrand VACUU-PURE 10C Evaluation:

“We can let VACUU·PURE run overnight without any worries because cold traps with liquid nitrogen are no longer needed. This has led to a significantly higher throughput in the laboratory. This vacuum pump will be a sensation in the market.

With VACUU·PURE, we have a flexible pump which we can use for our processes below and above 1 mbar. Thanks to its high pumping speed, we can even run two processes simultaneously.

In all tests, VACUU·PURE demonstrated very good performance, even in the case of an unusually high vapor load. The regeneration mode of VACUU·PURE is very helpful to be able to start the next process very quickly. We believe that there is no comparable vacuum pump.”

Nils Weidmann is a doctoral candidate at the LMU Munich in Prof. Knochel’s working group, where he conducts research in the field of organometallic chemistry. He tested the new VACUU·PURE screw pump and reported on his experiences to Vacuubrand directly.

Reference: ASY-EV-156