#RealTimeChem – could you be a community ambassador?

We’ve often shared events or news about the online Twitter chemistry community, #RealTimeChem, which was started in 2012 by Dr Jay under his pseudonym Doctor Galactic & The Lab Coat Cowboy, as we feel strongly that it’s a great idea to be a part of (although we should mention that we aren’t involved in any “business” way) and want to offer our support.  Chemists have been connecting on Twitter using this hashtag to share their lives in chemistry, with over 70,000 tweets since inception which is both incredible and heartening in this age of social distancing.

Solely curated by @Doctor_Galactic who is Senior Publishing Editor with the RSC, it’s now time for him to open the doors metaphorically speaking and expand on the organic growth of the community.  With this in mind, he has launched the #RealTimeChem Ambassador program.

Edit:  We need to update this to correct the above statement as @Doctor_Galactic has been assisted in recent times by @LauraKSmith2015 (Publishing Editor at Royal Society of Chemistry) who is co-curator and who will also be working on the new Ambassador program.  Our apologies, Laura!

realtimechem ambassador program

The idea is to recruit up to 12 ambassadors with 2 from each continent (bar Antarctica) who will generate content based upon their everyday chemistry and experiences, but who will also find and promote chemistry within their local community and subject area by flagging it with the hashtag.  They’ll be encouraged to engage with the community to generate conversation and built a network both locally and as part of the wider community, in addition to running themed events online amongst other things.

There isn’t a salary attached to this program so any riches to be made will be in the form of emotional wealth from being a part of this amazing idea!

If you’d like to find out more information then please go to the community website here: https://doctorgalacticandthelabcoatcowboy.com/

You can follow @Dr_Galactic and @Asynt on Twitter and start getting involved with #RealTimeChem now if interested though!