Parallel Synthesis

Back in the 1990’s I was involved in the “boom” and desire by many research chemistry leaders to make as many compounds as possible.  Combinatorial chemistry was a huge buzz term.  My customers at the time wanted more and more sophisticated tools for making as many diverse compounds as possible and I saw many new companies form and special (and often complex) equipment developed only for the boom to end almost as quickly as it started.

There are of course some who have perfected Combinatorial Chemistry techniques. Those companies have gone on to become profitable CRO’s. What this did achieve though was a “middle ground” of simple parallel synthesis, more productive chemistry research and the need for simple parallel synthesis tools available to all chemists.

Back in 2003 Asynt started to develop these simple tools, initially with the aid of the University of Cambridge, and I’m pleased to say that we now offer a very wide (and constantly developing) range of products.

Our simplest product is the DrySyn Parallel Synthesis kit which offers up to 27 reactions to be performed in tubes and vials that you may already use.DrySyn Parallel Synthesis KitWith our DrySyn MULTI kit parallel chemistry can also be performed in round bottom flasks with up to 3 x reactions at scales from 5ml to 500ml.High Performance Multi-Position Reaction Block

The Asynt Multicell reactor allows chemists to screen up to 10 x reactions at high pressures, (as standard 50 bar @ 200C); this is especially useful for customers who are performing H2 chemistry.

high pressure laboratory parallel reactor chemisty