Enabling Reproducible, High-Throughput Catalyst Screening

In the fast-paced world of catalysis research, the hunt for better, greener, and more efficient catalysts never stops. But, finding these chemicals during catalyst screening is like looking for a needle in a haystack, especially when every tiny detail can affect the outcome.

The DrySyn Octo tool allow for 8 position Catalyst Screening

The DrySyn Octo features 8, 10ml glass vials for parallel reactions

This is why we developed the DrySyn OCTO system. This tool enables researchers to perform multiple experiments simultaneously, with precision and ease. So, how does it achieve this?

The Heart of the Matter: Reproducibility

At the core of any scientific endeavour lies the principle of reproducibility. In the context of catalyst screening and research, it means that experiments need to be run under the same conditions repeatedly without a hitch. 

This is where the DrySyn OCTO shines . Users can conduct up to eight reactions at once (or even twenty-four when three OCTO reactors are run in parallel ), all on a single standard magnetic stirrer hotplate that ensures each experiment is stirred and heated precisely. Think of this as an opportunity to have an extra pair of hands in the lab. That way everything can run smoothly and consistently.

Arrayed on a multi base three DrySyn Octos allow for up to 24 parallel Catalyst Screening reactionsRunning 3 parallel Octos allows for 24 reactions on a single hotplate

Why High-Throughput Screening is  Important

High-throughput screening is all about analysing a lot of candidates quickly to find the best match. The DrySyn OCTO system supports this by allowing multiple reactions to be carried out in parallel.

This type of catalyst screening speeds up the discovery process and offers more opportunities to strike gold. And because it runs with affordable, easy-to-find consumables it represents a significant cost reduction without having to cut back on quality.

Features That Make a Difference

If you are looking for efficient catalyst screening, the OCTO is packed with features that make it a versatile tool for any lab:

  • Inert Atmosphere: It can connect with a Schlenk line. This makes it perfect for those sensitive reactions that do not play well with oxygen or moisture.
  • Sampling and Additions Made Easy: Thanks to its septa, adding reagents or taking samples is straight forward. Through this, you can keep your experiment’s integrity intact.
  • Vacuum Capabilities: For those reactions that require reduced pressure, the DrySyn OCTO has got you covered – simply connect to an appropriate vacuum pump.
  • Temperature Control with the DrySyn Snowstorm: Pair it with the Snowstorm, and you can handle a wide range in temperature from sub-ambient below to above ambient.
  • Sealed System for Flexible Temperature Management: Its sealed design means you can precisely cool things down or heat them up with ease.

DrySyn OCTO parallel reaction station for Catalyst Screening

The DrySyn Octo Kit with additional accessories

Ready to try out the DrySyn OCTO System for Catalyst Screening?

The DrySyn OCTO platform is more than just a piece of equipment; it is a revolutionising way scientists approach catalyst screening. 

It tackles the big issues of catalyst screening head on, including reproducibility and high-throughput screening. It has a range of features that make it incredibly versatile; Whether it is running reactions under an inert atmosphere, using a vacuum, or controlling temperatures with finesse, the DrySyn OCTO is there to make the process smoother, faster, and more reliable.

The DrySyn OCTO system is helping pave the way for future catalyst screening. Discovering new catalysts will not only be faster and more efficient but also more accessible. This is an exciting time for catalysis research, and the DrySyn OCTO tool is poised to help you advance your catalyst research.

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