The chemistry of strawberries

Those of us in the office here at Asynt HQ that adore the warmer weather have been determined to embrace what little summer we’re experiencing though, and there have been fresh strawberries eaten by the punnet load (or from the handy and rather elegant DrySyn MULTI kit, as the case may be)! Continue reading

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Any excuse for food at Asynt HQ – Chemistry Pancakes!

Asynt make chemistry pancakes

We could tell you that this was a great opportunity to show off the amazing Asynt hotplate kit and tell you about the three separate safety circuits with a cut off at 360oC, fine control with the contact thermometer, and all the accessories that are included but really this was all about the pancakes! Continue reading

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Chemistry is like cooking – just don’t lick the spoon!

“Cooking is a science and an art, and the man who puts all his heart into satisfying his fellow man deserves consideration” Auguste Escoffier 1846 – 1935. Dr Kerry Elgie takes us through her chemistry journey into cooking! Continue reading

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The original master of pressure!

Denis Papin pressure cooker

French-born British physicist, Denis Papin, could be termed the original master of pressure having invented the pressure cooker and suggested the first cylinder and piston steam engine. We offer our thanks for his contribution to the current range of pressure reactors for the modern laboratory. Continue reading

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