DrySyn OCTO Mini Conversion Kit

Simple Safe Parallel Reaction Sampling

Posted on: November 23, 2018

Asynt has introduced the DrySyn OCTO Mini Conversion Kit to enable chemists to efficiently sample reactions performed using their DrySyn OCTO 8-position parallel synthesiser.

Accelerating Material Science Discovery

Accelerating Material Science Discovery

Posted on: September 11, 2018

Asynt reports how the Rannard Group at the Materials Innovation Factory, at the University of Liverpool (UK), uses new technologies supplied by the company to help improve the environmental impact and reduce water and electrical consumption within their materials science discovery laboratories.

Press release lab safety shields

Asynt has expanded its range of Lab Safety Shields

Posted on: June 21, 2018

Manufactured in the UK, Asynt Lab Safety Shields fit neatly around all major stirrer hotplate brands providing lab scientists with enhanced safety while maintaining easy access to hotplate controls and good all-round visibility of the reaction or process.

CondenSyn Distillation Adapter PR

Waterless Distillation System Assists Sustainability

Posted on: May 31, 2018

Asynt in partnership with the University of East Anglia (Norwich, UK) has developed the new CondenSyn Distillation Adapter as an aid to chemistry labs worldwide seeking to go water-free.

Entry level support stand for lab reactors

Posted on: May 11, 2018

Asynt announces its newest member of the ReactoMate reactor family, the “QUANTUM” support stand is the perfect addition to any process chemistry laboratory.

Optimised Bespoke Glass Laboratory Reactors

Posted on: October 27, 2017

Asynt reports on an increasing demand for bespoke glass laboratory reactor systems, optimised to meet the exact demands of an application or project.

Parallel Evaporation of High Boiling Solvents

Posted on: October 5, 2017

Asynt announces the new DrySyn Spiral Evaporator – a compact system offering rapid concentration of even high boiling solvents such as DMSO, DMF or water, without the need to heat to high temperatures.

Entry Level Heating Block Starter Kit

Posted on: June 23, 2017

Asynt has introduced a new attractively priced starter kit based upon its DrySyn Classic heating blocks which are used in thousands of laboratories worldwide.