Laboratory Tools for Sustainable Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Redbrick Molecular

Asynt reports that it has supplied Redbrick Molecular Ltd (Sheffield, UK) with a wide range of synthetic organic chemistry equipment for its new environmentally responsible laboratory.

Owned by an expandable group of leading UK universities, Redbrick Molecular ( has unparalleled access to intellectual property generated by these partners allowing them to produce novel strategic building blocks and organic fragments that are attractive to industrial medicinal chemists. Working closely with advisories from within the pharmaceutical industry the company is uniquely placed to produce the highest value compounds that enable its customers to develop novel drug candidates in new and protectable areas of chemical space.

Redbrick Molecular Ltd

Dan Cox, Lead Chemist at Redbrick Molecular said: “We set up our lab from scratch and needed to invest in the equipment to carry out synthetic chemistry. Oil baths not only present a fire hazard and create problems in terms of keeping glassware and fume cupboards clean, but they can also introduce a potential source of contamination to synthetic products. The Asynt DrySyn heating block range provide a much safer and cleaner way of heating reactions and came highly recommended to us”.

Dr Cox added “We have been using our DrySyn heating blocks in combination with an Asynt CondenSyn air condenser to reflux a variety of solvents. Using the CondenSyn vastly reduces our water waste and not having to use water hoses also saves on space within the fume cupboard and there is no need to worry about leaks or floods. Unlike a traditional Liebig condenser, the CondenSyn air condenser is much more convenient to move from one fume cupboard to another (without the need for detachment of hoses and the draining of water) and can easily be cleaned. We were also very conscious of getting the most out of our fume cupboard space and in that regard the Asynt DrySyn MULTI is perfect as it allows us to heat 3 reactions on a single stirrer hotplate. All in all, Asynt has provided us with the products and support to undertake a wide range of synthetic reactions sustainably”.

For further information on lab products for sustainable synthetic organic chemistry please visit or contact Asynt on +44-1638-781709 / [email protected].

Asynt is a leading supplier of affordable products, consumables and services for chemists in industry and academia.  With staff of trained chemists – Asynt can draw upon this in-depth applications knowledge to provide a high level of customer support for its DrySyn Heating Blocks, Controlled Lab Reactors, Synthesis Tools, Evaporators, Circulators, Temperature Control Systems, Vacuum Pumps and Laboratory Safety Equipment.

Industrial chemists seeking access to novel building blocks or universities interested in joining Redbrick Molecular as a member or licensor may visit or to email [email protected] for further information.

Download the full PR in PDF format HERE.