ReactoMate QUANTUM System

The ReactoMate QUANTUM System and & QUANTUM-PLUS System provide a simple and secure support structure suitable for process chemistry up to 50,000 mL.

These entry-level jacketed laboratory reactor support systems offer excellent performance and are highly customisable, particularly for the larger scale reaction vessels.  Please contact our experts to discuss your requirements and see how a ReactoMate system could benefit your chemistry.

  • ReactoMate QUANTUM Support

    Entry level system to 5L

  • ReactoMate QUANTUM-PLUS support stand

    ReactoMate QUANTUM-PLUS Support

    Entry level system to 50 Litres

  • Asynt CondenSyn MAXI reflux condenser for larger scale reactions

    CondenSyn® MAXI Condenser

    Ideal for reflux with larger volumes of solvent

  • Laboratory Reaction Vessels

    Manufactured in the UK by our experts to your specification