CondenSyn® Air Condensers

CondenSyn® air condensers are simple and safe to use – with no risk of flooding!

Robust – Easy to clean – High performance – Single or parallel use – Environmentally friendly; with savings to be made both to the environment and to your budget find out more to see why so many laboratories worldwide have made the switch to go water-free with CondenSyn air condensers.

All CondenSyn are supplied in 100% recyclable packaging

For more information please see our datasheet here: CondenSyn Datasheet PDF

CondenSyn is protected under UK & European Registered Designs:

Registered in UK:
Registered Design Number: 90029643610001
Registered Design Number: 90029643610002

Registered in Europe:
Registered Design Number: 002964361-0001
Registered Design Number: 002964361-0002

  • Special Offer Packages

    Amazing deals for a happy lab life!

  • CondenSyn waterless air condensers from Asynt

    CondenSyn® Waterless Air Condenser

    Save time, water and money in the lab with CondenSyn® waterless condensers.

  • CondenSyn® MINI Waterless Air condenser

    Ideal for small scales

  • Asynt CondenSyn MAXI reflux condenser for larger scale reactions

    CondenSyn® MAXI Condenser

    Ideal for reflux with larger volumes of solvent

  • DrySyn Scholar with CondenSyn waterless air condenser

    CondenSyn® Waterless Condenser USA

    Save time, water and money in the lab

  • Asynt CondenSyn distillation adapter

    CondenSyn® Distillation Adapter

    Use CondenSyn in a vertical orientation for distillation purposes.

  • Asynt Post Pump CondenSyn Kit

    Post-pump CondenSyn® Adapter Kit

    Adapter kit that enables the CondenSyn® air condenser to be used as an effective exhaust trap for laboratory vacuum pumps