DrySyn® Vortex Blend overhead stirrer

The DrySyn® Vortex Blend overhead stirrer has been developed specifically to cater for the requirements of scientists who need to test new formulations and blends of ingredients in parallel in beakers.

The device is particularly relevant to blending and formulation scientists in the oil, cosmetics, cleansing and hygiene industries and is manufactured in the UK.

Problem: Multiple blending experiments will often be carried out by research scientists using standard laboratory beakers, these experiments usually require heating and powerful agitation. The general method is to heat a beaker or relevant container on a hotplate, clamped securely in place and simultaneously mix from above using an overhead motor. However this arrangement can take up a lot of fume hood space if multiple experiments are required in parallel. Also when working in parallel it is not ideal for ensuring identical conditions are created in each beaker with motor speeds and heating rates varying.

Solution: The Vortex Blend offers the scientist a compact space saving way of performing 3 blending experiments in parallel. By saving space using its 3 way gearbox and heating plate it also ensures that the experiments have identical conditions to each other in terms of stirring rate and heating rate/temperature. The Vortex Blend utilizes a standard over head stirrer motor and hotplate for operation.

ADS11-BLEND DrySyn Vortex Blend Framework
Includes: base, supporting “H-base” & rod assembly, and clamp for attaching the BLEND framework to supporting base/rod.
ADS11-BLEND-150 DrySyn Vortex Blend 150 mL Flask Spacer; pack of 3.
ADS11-BLEND-250 DrySyn Vortex Blend 250 mL Flask Spacer; pack of 3.
ADS11-BLEND-400 DrySyn Vortex Blend 400 mL Flask Spacer; pack of 3.
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