DrySyn® Overhead Stirring

DrySyn® Overhead Stirring dedicated platform, ‘Vortex’ offers powerful solutions for parallel overhead stirring or blending.

Suitable either for round bottom flasks or for beakers, where scientists wish to work with higher viscosity materials where magnetic stirring is not strong enough or where materials could be damaged by the grinding effect of a magnetic stirring bar.

  • DrySyn Vortex overhead stirrer system

    DrySyn® Vortex overhead stirrer

    Work with higher viscosity materials in parallel, where magnetic stirring is not strong enough

  • DrySyn Vortex Blend parallel overhead stirring system for beakers. ADS11-BLEND

    DrySyn® Vortex Blend overhead stirrer

    For scientists who need to test new formulations and blends of ingredients in parallel in beakers.