Undertaking Heated Experiments in NMR Tubes

Asynt has developed DrySyn NMR Heating Blocks to enable safe, effective and uniform heating of up to 10 NMR tubes on a conventional hotplate stirrer.

This new DrySyn unit allows you to use standard NMR tubes as a reaction vessel for applications including catalyst screening experiments and reaction monitoring as well as studying broad peaks, temperature dependent solubility issues and conformational changes.

Unlike heating in problematic oil baths, using a DrySyn NMR Heating Blocks allows you to analyse the contents of your NMR tube almost immediately without removal of residual oil on the outside of the glassware.

To compliment the DrySyn NMR heating blocks, Asynt also offer an affordable range of NMR tubes and a Liquid Nitrogen Generator for NMR spectrometers to keep liquid helium cool and prevent boil off.

The DrySyn heating block range is a safe and productive alternative to oil baths and heating mantles. The system offers clean, safe synthesis for single or multiple reactions. Compatible with any magnetic hotplate stirrer, DrySyn heating blocks provide rapid temperature ramping to over 300 ºC. All DrySyn heating blocks are manufactured in the UK with a chemical and solvent resistant clear anodised finish to ensure long trouble-free operation.

For more information you can see our DrySyn NMR blocks here: https://www.asynt.com/product/drysyn-nmr/

NMR Tubes: https://www.asynt.com/product/nmr-tubes/

You can download a pdf of this press release HERE