Improving Sub-Ambient Reaction Reproducibility

The DrySyn Snowstorm MULTI from Asynt provides a simple and highly effective way to perform multiple reactions in parallel across a large temperature range including sub-ambient chemistries such as organometallic syntheses and controlled rate crystallisation studies down to -60°C.

DrySyn SnowStorm reactor set up
Sub-ambient reactions have traditionally been difficult to undertake reproducibly on a small to medium scale. The DrySyn Snowstorm MULTI is able to accommodate up to 12 vials or three 100ml round bottom flasks offering sub ambient reactions in parallel without the need for jacketed reaction vessels, or ice baths. Operating with a suitable chiller / circulator, a DrySyn SnowStorm MULTI provides accurate, stable temperature control down to -60°C and up to +150°C.

Being able to maintain a sub-ambient temperature, sometimes for significant periods, is important for reaction reproducibility. The DrySyn SnowStorm MULTI connects to an external chiller unit and holds temperatures at a set-point for as long as is required. Setting temperature ramping profiles is also possible on the DrySyn Snowstorm MULTI which is important in crystallisation studies.

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