The Year Ahead

Dr Arran Solomonsz looks at the year ahead for Asynt:

At Asynt we are constantly looking to innovate, improve and bring new technologies to chemists, and 2015 was no exception. The past year has been filled with new product designs, ideas and launches. Those that come to mind – CondenSyn, the water-free condenser, and the Smart Evaporator, for fast evaporation of samples in vials/tubes are part of the core technologies we introduced. Not to mention the Chilliblock, the first of our unique products for Biologists.
However, as 2016 beckons, plans are already underway to evolve these novel products further, revamping known products and also launching brand new products. It promises to be a busy 2016!

As a sneak preview, here’s a few items we you may be finding popping up on our website in the new year…

  • The new shorter AND taller CondenSyn – from a few ml’s to litres, now you can go water-free in many more applications, such as in micro-scale reactions and process-scale vessels.
  • Require parallel evaporation in vials/tubes? How does 4, 8 or 12 at once sound? All in the footprint of a hotplate, welcome to our new Spiral Plug evaporator complete reaction system, from synthesis to evaporation in parallel.
  • The new ReactoMate Datum – welcome to a new benchtop setup where you can interchangeably use vessels up to and including 5L.
  • The new Biology range – orbital shakers, vortex mixers and much more…

Please let us know if there’s anything bespoke that you require, and we can put our experience in custom manufacture to use!