New equipment for safe high-pressure reaction chemistry

We are pleased to share a recent publication in Sp2 magazine, written by Tom McInally of the School of Chemistry at the University of Nottingham and by Martyn Fordham (Asynt Managing Director) regarding safe high-pressure reaction chemistry.

Andrew Nottcliffe of Nottingham University using PressureSyn reactor with AsyntThe focus of the article:

A high-pressure reactor enables reactions to be carried out under elevated pressure and at temperatures higher than the boiling point of the reaction solvent or solvent mixture, leading to a significant increase in reaction rate to produce the desired product and minimising the decomposition of substrates and/or products, thus providing a cleaner reaction profile. This article describes how the School of Chemistry at the University of Nottingham, driven by the desire for an affordable high pressure reactor that combined ease-of-use, outstanding performance, ease of maintenance and high operational safety, developed a reactor with these desirable properties.

You can download this for free HERE – scroll to page 25 for the article

See more information on the PressureSyn here