European Symposium on Organic Reactivity

ESOR 2017 Asynt chemistry

The 16th European Symposium on Organic Reactivity (ESOR 2017) is taking place in Durham between the 3rd and 8th September 2017.  Dr Kerry Elgie will be at this exciting symposium on Tuesday 5th and will have a wide range of laboratory tools on hand including the NEW DrySyn OCTO and the CondenSyn waterless air condenser that is saving water, and money, all over the world!

The ESOR series has a long and proud history, with meetings being held in Paris (1987), Padova, Italy (1989), Göteborg, Sweden (1991), Newcastle, UK (1993), Santiago de Compostela, Spain (1995), Louvain la Neuve, Belgium (1997), Ulm, Germany (1999), Cavtat (Dubrovnik), Croatia (2001), Oslo, Norway (2003), Rome, Italy (2005), Faro, Portugal (2007), Haifa, Israel, (2009), Tartu, Estonia (2011), Prague, Czech Republic (2013) and Kiel (2015).

This meeting will cover all areas of Physical Organic Chemistry, including all aspects of mechanism, structure and binding in organic systems. This also encompasses a wider range of areas from biology to materials using both theoretical and experimental approaches.

There will be a mixture of plenary and invited lectures plus submitted oral and poster presentations.  You can see more information at the event website here:

We hope that if you’re attending you’ll find a moment to come and say hello!

ESOR 2017 Asynt chemistry